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Select your house sign size and colour.

Choose a font style for inscriptions.

Let us know if you need holes bored.

Enter your house number and name.

A proof is sent for approval after ordering.

5 working day delivery for Ireland & UK.

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Our square house signs are hand-made from different varieties of stone in our Clontibret premises. Weather its marble, granite or limestone you choose, each material is professionally cut and polished for outdoor use. In a similar fashion, your house name is engraved into the stone and hand-painted with weather resistant paints. In order to personalize your plaque, firstly select your preferred size and colour. Secondly, choose a font style and enter your inscription. Thirdly, if you require an image please upload a photo of it to the area provided. Finally, when we receive your order a preview of your house sign will be sent for your confirmation.


As already mentioned, our square house signs are made from stone and designed specifically for outdoor use. Additionally, all lettering is engraved into the stone and hand-painted with weather resistant paints. With this in mind, our square house signs are built to last and come with a lifetime guarantee. In order to help you easily fix your plaque to a wall four holes can be bored in each corner of the square. If you require this feature, simply select this option. Alternatively, a good household adhesive such as Tech7 is also recommended for securing your house sign. This and similar adhesives can be purchased from your local hardware store.

Delivery & Returns

Delivering your square house sign is fast and reliable to your destination. As soon as your order is confirmed your house sign is made and delivered to you within 5 working days. The following are the delivery prices for each square size:

  • Small square sign delivery: €20
  • Medium square sign delivery: €25
  • Large square sign delivery: €30

In the event that your square house sign has been damaged during transport, or for some reason there is a manufacturing fault, we will arrange to have your sign collected and returned to us. Whenever we receive your return we will then repair any damage caused and re-send your house sign without delay. Please see our delivery and returns for more information.

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