• Choose your preferred size, colour and image.
  • Enter your own wording.
  • Made from polished granite for outdoor use.
  • Freestanding, with a stand secured to the back.
  • A proof is sent for your approval after order.
  • 5 day delivery for Ireland and the UK.
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As displayed above, our heart-shaped memorial plaques can be custom-made with your own wording and a pre-made image. Additionally, you can choose a small or medium plaque size along with your preferred granite colour. Our heart-shaped grave plaques are also freestanding with a stand securely fixed to the back. Therefore, allowing your memorial to rest safely when placed by your loved ones graveside. Furthermore, your inscriptions and image are engraved into the granite and hand-painted with weather resistant paints. As a result, your heart-shaped memorial plaque will stand the test of time and be admired by many future generations.


It’s important to realise, our heart-shaped grave plaques are cut and polished from natural granite especially for outdoor use. For this reason, each memorial plaque we make is fully weather-proof and built to withstand all climate conditions. By the same token, inscriptions and images are sandblasted into the granite and hand-painted with weather-resistant paints. Together with their impermeable qualities and sustainability our heart-shaped plaques are built to last forever. Given these points, we offer a lifetime guarantee with our heart plaques and provide an assurance that your memorial will be a lasting remembrance gift for your loved one.

Delivery & Returns

Shipping your heart-shaped grave plaque is fast and reliable to your destination. As soon as your order is confirmed your heart plaque is made and delivered to you within 5 working days. The following are the delivery prices for each memorial plaque size:

  • Small heart plaque size delivery: €25
  • Medium heart plaque size delivery: €30

In the event that you’re heart-shaped memorial plaque has been damaged while in transit, or for some reason there is a manufacturing defect, we will arrange to have your plaque collected and returned to us. Whenever we receive your memorial we will then repair any damage caused and re-arrange delivery to your address. Please see our delivery and returns for more information.

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