Pet Memorial Plaques Ireland

After experiencing the death of a much-loved pet, our thoughts will eventually turn to memorializing their short but joyful life. In truth, remembrance gifts for pets help us accept the reality of our loss, as well as being an important part of helping our grieving process. In a similar fashion, ideas for pet memorials such as memorial stones for dogs allow us to celebrate what was, and begin to mourn what has been lost. While this may be true, bereavement, although unique to each person, is a shared and very mutual experience for many.

At any rate, however you decide to remember your deceased pet, it is the act of taking time to remember that counts. Provided that you are now at a stage where you can visualize their memorial, garden plaques for pets make great ideas for pet memorials. In particular, personalised pet portraits make the most unique remembrance gifts for pets. With this in mind, garden memorials for dogs and cats custom-made with photographs will keep the flames of their memory forever burning in your heart.

Remembrance Gifts for Pets with Photos

Feeling your loved one’s presence has been proven to ease the sadness of their loss. And there is no greater way of experiencing their company than seeing their image. For instance, garden memorials for dogs and cats with personalised pet portraits help us emotionally connect to their spirit, more so than just an inscription. Additionally, many people remember faces better than names and therefore incorporating photos into remembrance gifts for pets helps us reflect on significant life events, as well as sharing important memories.

Given these points, pet memorials for the garden made from granite are exceptional ideas for pet memorials. Not only are personalised pet portraits a great way to tell their life story, but they also showcase an important time you both shared together. In a similar fashion, memorial stones for dogs with photographs and wording make superb garden plaques for pets. Together with their “paw-shaped” design and your own personalization, they are one of the most popular outdoor pet memorials for the garden in Ireland and the UK.

Wording Ideas for Pet Memorials

In general, garden memorials for dogs and cats have short commemorative tributes engraved. Therefore it’s important to make sure your tributes are captured and incorporated into the memorialization piece. By and large, remembrance quotes for animals such as “forever in our hearts” or “never forgotten”, along with name and dates are pretty much the norm engraved on garden plaques for pets. However, trying to incorporate your pet’s legacy, or what they will be remembered most for make very unique wording ideas for pet memorials.

Ultimately, when you think about your beloved pet, try to express your feelings as opposed to documenting the facts. For instance, the following quotes will give you some inspiration for wording ideas on memorial stone for cats or other similar pet memorialization pieces:

  • “Our adorable Chloe – still finding socks in Heaven”.
  • “My wee Dennis the Menace, mixed with Peter Pan”.
  • “Our boy Bentley – chasing Frisbees and hearts in Heaven”.

Coupled with personalised pet portraits, the above wording examples are but just a few ways you can capture the true legacy of what your pet would have been remembered for most. Such sentiments on garden plaques for pets will surely bring a  smile to your face.

Garden Memorials for Dogs and Cats

Even though a wide variety of pets like rabbits, hamsters and lizards can be memorialized as remembrance gifts for pets, garden memorials for dogs and cats are by far the most common garden plaques for pets. For example, memorial stones for dogs with unique “paw-like” shape make great ideas for pet memorials.

What’s more, because our pet memorials for the garden are made from granite and engraved with weather-resistant paints, they are ideal commemoration plaques for outdoor use. In fact, when it comes to choosing remembrance gifts for pets, granite still remains the most sought after material in both Ireland and the UK for outdoor use.

Finally, we at Treanor Stone-Tec take great pride in producing all our garden plaques for pet’s right here in Ireland. With over 42 years’ experience in creating unique and personalised pet portraits, our team of Irish designers and highly skilled stonemasons will guarantee you the very best garden memorials for dogs and cats and other household pets.

For the same reason, our values of promise, compassion and care are built on a trusting relationship with each individual customer. Above all, experience has taught us that understanding your needs and meeting your expectations for a fitting pet memorial is first and foremost for us at your time of loss.

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